The patch that assists with period pain relief

Non-medicated topically applied patch.
– Can therefore be used by professional sports people.
– Can be used in conjunction with other pain-relieving medication (no drug interaction)

Effective for 5 consecutive days (Ricci et al., 2016)
Stays in place for 5 days – no need to replace.

Water-resistant and therefore ideal for
swimmers, long-distance athletes.

  1. Prior to application, ensure that the skin in the area to which the patches will be applied, is clean, dry and preferably, hairless.
  2. Remove the sheet of patches from its protective plastic sleeve and carefully detach a small section of one adhesive patch from the backing paper.
  3. Apply this small exposed area of the patch (while holding on to the backing sheet) to the positions indicated in figure A or figure B below, as applicable.
  4. Slowly detach the rest of the patch from the backing sheet, while applying pressure on the patch, as you continue to unroll the patch from the backing sheet, to fully adhere to the skin.
  5. By following these instructions, the patch will not fold-over onto itself.
  6. Hold down the patch on the skin for approximately 2 minutes, for maximum adherence.
  7. The patches must be applied (positions are indicated in figure A and B on this patient information leaflet) as follows:
  8. The two oval patches are applied to the ovary area, on the front of the body, from a point approximately 10 cm below the navel, and approximately 5 cm to the left and right of this point.
  9. The largest of the 3 patches in this pack, must be placed on the lumbar region of the back, corresponding to the L3 vertebra. This position is approximately 10 cm above the coccyx (tail-bone).
  10. Wait for approximately two minutes before moving, to ensure that the patches adhere fully to the skin.
  11. Keep the patches on for 5 consecutive days.

The use of FIT Lady patches, as described above, can be repeated every month to relieve menstrual pain.

FIT Lady patches will continue to work even if they get wet (e.g. during swimming or in the shower or bath).


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